Photo of Keri sitting in a chair and you can see her prosthetic right leg. The photo is in gray scale.
Work With Me
May 14, 2020

Sanction our Scars

A conversation on unapologetic identity and body positivity. This presentation addresses societal expectations around body images and performance. It encourages the audience to think critically about the myths behind these…
A picture of Keri with a group of college students doing an activity. The picture has a mustard overlay.
Work With Me
October 14, 2019

Student Activism

This workshop familiarizes multicultural student activists with the basic concepts of community organizing. Participants will become exposed to a range of community organizing approaches and issues taken up by social…
A group of 6 black women speaking on a stage, including Keri Gray.
Work With Me
June 14, 2019

NextGen Outreach and Engagement

This presentation helps companies/organizations understand the unique qualities and values that young professionals contribute to the workplace. Today, an increasing number of Millennials and Generation Z are entering the workplace.…