A conversation on unapologetic identity and body positivity. This presentation addresses societal expectations around body images and performance. It encourages the audience to think critically about the myths behind these standards and what it means to exert confidence in all body types. Specifically, participants will explore body positivity through the lens of disability as it intersects with race and gender. For the longest, disability imagery has been dominated by its connection to the medical industry and institutions. These images and stories often evoke pity, pain, fear and even brutality. Contrary to those images, this presentation allows audience members to explore body positivity by embracing disability identity through a framework of intersectionality.

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    • Hi Keri. I am an aspiring educator and community activist seeking to create an afro-centric education program for urban youth. I am still in the planning stages of this endeavor but ran upon a PBS program you were on and instantly have become a great admirer of you and wish to work with and learn from you.

    • VIVIAN MCCLAIN says:

      Hello Bernard,
      I am also interested with working with Keri, again, I worked with her in a mentoring program that I completed. I am interested in what she has new,

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