Keri recognizes the need to increase and invest in Black leadership and representation across the employment sector. Keri’s work centers on exploring the impact of race, gender, and disability as Black young professionals mature and transition into their careers. She runs presentations, workshops, and consults on long term projects that work with young people, so they are equipped to lead, to manage, to organize, and to make a positive impact in their communities while simultaneously balancing health, self-care, and wellness.

She also works with companies and organizations, so they are prepared to leverage intersectionality as a business practice. Keri has recruited approximately 4,000 young professionals for over 100 Fortune 500 companies and organizations. Through her various roles, Keri has designed and managed programs for over 1,000 young professionals that have helped her students secure competitive employment, build an influential network, and gain notable opportunities.

What’s unique about Keri’s work is her openness around Black identity. Keri identifies as a Black woman with disabilities, and she acknowledges personal development and confidence are essential to success. Keri’s work has been featured in People Magazine, Time Magazine, Madamenoire, and the Diet Coke campaign #Unlabeled.

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