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Keri Gray

Consulting Group

The Keri Gray Consulting Group has pioneered a functional and interactive approach to advancing organizational culture with a focus on disability and racial justice and inclusion. We create welcoming environments for group discussion, promoting genuine understanding and personal growth. Participants create professional communities of understanding through disability and racial justice education.

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Sample Sessions + Workshops

A vibrant and brightly colored headshot of a Black woman. She is laying on a orange couch with her eyes closed and her right hand across her forehead. She is wearinga a pink and orange fur coat and she has light teal dreads.Work With Us
May 14, 2020

Authentic Storytelling v Stereotyping

This workshop helps participants wrestle with the relationship between power, stories, and identity...
Photo of a typewriter with a sheet of paper coming out that says "racial equality."Work With Us
April 14, 2020

Disability Justice and Systems Advocacy

This workshop explores inclusion across the workplace by examining organizational systems and practices...
Photo of a confident young Black woman. She is posing in a simple office setting. She is wearing a yellow flower dress, gray blazer, glasses, and her braids are in two side buns.Work With Us
February 14, 2020

Disability Inclusion and Intersectionality

This session addresses the relationship between race and disability and establishes a common language around intersectionality...
A black and white photo of Keri Gray and Mia Ives Rublee at a protest. Keri is speaking on a bullhorn and Mia is holding signs that say "Black Lives Matter."Work With Us
October 14, 2019

The Audacity of Our Advocacy

Keri Gray is a cancer survivor, entrepreneur, speaker, and facilitator. At 8 years old Keri was diagnosed with bone cancer, and after treatment she began walking with a prosthetic limb…
Four disabled people of color gather around a table during a meeting. A Black woman sitting on a couch gestures and speaks while the three others (a South Asian person sitting in a wheelchair, a Black non-binary person sitting in a chair, and a Black non-binary person standing with a clipboard and cane) face her and listen.Work With Us
August 14, 2019

Best Practices for Disability Inclusion

Today’s workforce is continuously evolving and becoming exceedingly diverse. This workshop helps participants understand disability prevalence and to move beyond symptoms to instead focus on inclusion.
Photo of two Black women dressed in long frilly dresses and red stockings. They are leaning on each other. There is a blue, orange, and white background.Work With Us
June 14, 2019

Managing Bias

Participants will wrestle with the personal, cultural, and professional manifestations of bias...

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