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The National Alliance of Melanin Disabled Advocates (NAMED Advocates) creates spaces for disabled leaders of color and BIPOC allies to gather, learn, connect, and grow around racial and disability justice. Through use of knowledge and empowerment tools, we work to destigmatize the existing outward narrative that currently surrounds the disabled community. We equip community members with the vocabulary to express their authentic selves with confidence and certainty. Our community events are celebrations of solidarity, providing opportunities for collaboration and relationship building.

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An image of Keri in a yellow shirt and brown skirt. You see her prosthetic on her right leg. She is surrounded by a grassy background. The title reads Bodily Autonomy Lessons, 5 Black Women Who Taught Me.NAMED Advocates
July 18, 2023

5 Black Women Who Taught Me About Bodily Autonomy

Especially since the ADA, many people with disabilities & people of color have unapologetically claimed their bodily autonomy. However, our society has also stripped bodily autonomy from our communities. This…
A blue flower with a group of people engaging in discussion over brunch. The flyer says Our Presence is Our Power, a dynamic two-day event that will empower disabled leaders of color and BIPOC allies to drive meaningful change.NAMED Advocates
June 27, 2023

The BIPOC Disability Justice Summit: Our Presence is Our Power

Are you an advocate for disability justice who recognizes the barriers and challenges that individuals with disabilities face on a daily basis? Is it challenging to identify effective strategies to…
Keri featured on a yellow to orange gradient background. The title says How Do You Imagine Black Disabled People During Juneteenth? The NAMED Advocates logo is on the rightNAMED Advocates
June 17, 2023

Black Disabled People During Juneteenth

Our understanding of Juneteenth largely comes from stories that are told by abled-bodied people. This tutorial discusses Juneteenth through the eyes of Black disabled leaders and helps you grapple with…
Shows the back of Black man wearing a Black jacket with white letters that say "Let Black Boys Be." There is text at the bottom that says Reading List: Disability JusticeNAMED Advocates
June 15, 2023

Disability Justice Reading List_2023

The objective of this reading list is to provide an overview of reading and video materials about various aspects of disability justice.
man holding sign that reads justice 4 allNAMED Advocates
November 16, 2022

Approaching disability justice education through an intersectional lens.

Disability Rights and Civil Rights As a Black disabled woman, it wasn’t until I was well into my late 20s that I heard of the term Black disability identity.  Despite…
woman using a wheelchair in an officeNAMED Advocates
November 6, 2022

The Past, Present, & Future of Disability Justice

Common misconceptions from appropriation of Disability Justice Because of the misappropriation of it by White, Cis, Straight Disabled people, when people hear the words “Disability Justice” some assume I mean…
Three Black women are standing in front of a black brick wall, they are each wearing a yellow t-shirt that says ‘Black Disabled Lives Matter’ inside of a Black fist. The top of the photo has white text that says Our Presence is Our Power * November 8, 2021. @namdadvocatesNAMED Advocates
September 20, 2021

Our Presence is Our Power 2021

We gather our community and teach leadership tools grounded in disability and racial justice.Between COVID-19, racial tensions, and rising work expectations, disability and mental health awareness with organizational leaders is…
Picture of Rain In The Face on a gray backgroundNAMED AdvocatesNames and Frames
September 12, 2020


Design by @jtknoxroxs These descriptions were compiled by the NAMD Advocates to honor our ancestors and the existence of disabled people of color.