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5 Tips for Organizing with a Disability

1. Be honest about your capacity.
2. Request accommodations, even with your friends/comrades.
3. Lend your expertise/experience around accessibility.
4. It can be challenging being that “one voice” speaking up on disability
justice. Leverage allies who will also lend their voice.
5. Create a small self-care team- a team that will be responsive if you end up needing physical or mental health support in the middle of an activity.

5 Tips for Self-Disclosure

1. It can be scary to talk about your disability. Remember, it is YOUR choice
whether to disclose.
2. Disclosure is a formal process. Just because someone can see you have a
disability does not mean you have disclosed.
3. Decide how much to share about your health conditions.
4. Practice telling your story with trusted love ones.
5. Practice disclosing in a professional setting with a trusted mentor.

Tips for Employers on Self-Disclosure

1. Include disability in your diversity statements.
2. Have a basic plan for employee accommodation requests.
3. Add a note on your career site that explains how potential employees can
request accommodations for an interview or the application process.
4. Stories are powerful. Encourage colleagues to share stories around their
connection with disability.
5. Establish a goal for growing your company’s disability engagement.
6. Build partnerships with disability-led organizations.

Intersectionality and Disability Inclusion

“We must expand beyond working with disabled folks that are the easiest to
assimilate into our already existing culture. This means we should not
predominantly recruit or work with (or have on our staffs and boards) disabled
folks that are of the most privileged race, gender, sexual orientation, etc. Disability

prevalence is highest in communities of color, immigrants, LGBTQ, and those
with low/no income.” -Keri Gray

Resources from working with NCIL:
Curriculum: Introducing Disability Pride
Outreach: Including Student Organizations
We Can’t Breathe: The Deaf & Disabled Margin of Police Brutality Project

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