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We gather our community and teach leadership tools grounded in disability and racial justice.

Between COVID-19, racial tensions, and rising work expectations, disability and mental health awareness with organizational leaders is more important than ever. Our Presence is Our Power is a one-day conference that centers managers of color looking to sharpen their skills through a lens of disability and racial justice. Our sessions will teach leadership strategies that help our partners successfully invest in themselves and their communities.
Three Black women are standing in front of a black brick wall, they are each wearing a yellow t-shirt that says ‘Black Disabled Lives Matter’ inside of a Black fist. The top of the photo has white text that says Our Presence is Our Power * November 8, 2021. @namdadvocates

Join the NAMD Advocates on November 8th for a One-Day Summit #OurPresenceIsOurPower

The NAMD Advocates has partnered with a range of Black and Brown leaders who will share strategies on how they have built successful initiatives, particularly through a lens of disability justice. Our 2021 Leadership Summit will help you and your team build skills to lead more efficiently and with confidence.

A collage of 5 images of people of color with disabilities. One image is the Black Disabled Lives Matter logo.

We can’t wait for you to join the NAMD Advocates community! During the Summit you’ll get access to:

  • Discussion and education on disability and mental health awareness with leaders of color.
  • Connect with likeminded leaders and managers.
  • Skill building on campaigning and visibility.
  • Skill building on managing strong departments & organizations.
  • Skill building on building quality partnerships.
  • Q&A sessions with Black & Brown leaders and experts.
  • A space to unapologetically gather around culture and your experiences as a person of color with disabilities/health conditions.
  • ASL and CART/live captioning will be available

Our Presence is Our Power is a professional development opportunity that centers leaders and managers of color.

Download our brochure to share with your employers!

Let’s be honest, being in the right environment makes all the difference.

It’s not every day you can join a space filled with managers of color on a similar journey as you. What’s better is our network is hungry to support each other and activate real change across their communities.

Find out for yourself how this Summit will transform the way you lead and excel.

Take the Next Step: Join us on November 8, 2021 for Our Presence is Our Power hosted by the NAMD Advocates. Register by clicking here now.

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THANK YOU to our sponsors for supporting this work!

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