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FAQ Sheet: Hybrid Workplaces

By November 2, 2023November 7th, 2023No Comments

The objective of this FAQ Sheet is to provide an overview of Hybrid Workplaces and commonly asked questions that center around the impact of COVID-19. It will cover four main questions:

  • What Are Hybrid Workplaces, and How Have They Shifted Since COVID-19?
  • What Sort of Company Policies Are Organizations Making Around Hybrid Workplaces Since COVID-19? i.e.- Flexible Work Hours, Mask Policies, Etc.
  • Are Hybrid Workplaces More Accessible for People with Disabilities? Why or Why Not?
  • What Do Leaders Need to Consider As We Are Reconstructing the Workplace Post-Pandemic? i.e.- Accessibility Considerations? Workplace Values/Practices? Etc.

Download the FAQ Sheet: Hybrid Workplaces here.

This FAQ sheet was created by Zy-Asiah Gray-Smalls, a NAMED Advocates Disability Justice Intern, and designed by the NAMED Advocates team. Learn more about the NAMED Advocates here:

Zy-Asiah Gray-Smalls

Zy-Asiah Gray-Smalls is a Bachelor of Arts candidate at Georgetown University, set to graduate in 2025, hailing from Newark, New Jersey. Her profound interest centers on the field of law, with a specific focus on the examination of technology’s ethical and legal implications, along with its impact on society. She remains steadfast in her dedication to guaranteeing that technology serves the well-being of society as a whole while safeguarding individual rights and upholding societal values.

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