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Keri Gray sitting in a mustard chair with large bookshelves behind her. She is wearing white pants, a gray sweater with a black animated photo of a woman with a large afro and glasses, and a blue jean headwrap.

In your work, you will be expected to make tough decisions on how to proceed. You’ll be asked, what should we do next? Is this working? Who on your team is not pulling their weight?

But what happens when you see your colleagues going in the wrong direction and your perspective has not been requested? In fact, you doubt they want to hear the perspective of young person of color in their space. What happens when you have to tell your boss or folks in higher positions that we’re not making the right moves knowing not everyone can handle the hard truths? Our identity is not just wrapped in our physical being and our cultures. It’s also connected to the decisions we make. To the things we say and the things we choose not to say. #Standards #LiveByACode

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