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24, Malibu CA.

Matrice graduated from California State Fullerton with honors and a degree in psychology & planned to attend grad school so she could work with children. She was taken into custody by the sheriff department who knew of her bipolar disorder, regardless around midnight they told her to go home. Matrice set off on foot, and her remains would be found a year later on an unfrequented trail.

Powerful black arm raised defiantly into the air, the hand curled into a fist, rising into the middle on the graphic. Designed into the arm, almost like a tattoo, is an infinity/unity symbol and the words “Black Disabled Lives Matter”.

art by @jtknoxroxs

These descriptions were compiled by the NAMD Advocates. We also extend a special thanks to The Harriet Tubman Collective for compiling some of the names.

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