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Age 37, Fairfax, VA.

Natasha’s last words were “You promised me you wouldn’t kill me” She left a 7-yr old daughter behind. In a jail cell, with handcuffs, shackled legs & a spit mask, she was tasered 17 times b/c she refused to sit in a restraint chair. She went into cardiac arrest & pronounced brain dead.

Powerful black arm raised defiantly into the air, the hand curled into a fist, rising into the middle on the graphic. Designed into the arm, almost like a tattoo, is an infinity/unity symbol and the words “Black Disabled Lives Matter”.

art by @jtknoxroxs

These descriptions were compiled by the NAMD Advocates. We also extend a special thanks to The Harriet Tubman Collective for compiling some of the names.

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