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Rain-In-The-Face. A chief of the Lakota tribe. As a result of a battle, he had a limp and used crutches. He is most famous for defeating the US 7th Cavalry Regiment at the 1876 battle of Little Big Horn.

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These descriptions were compiled by the NAMD Advocates to honor our ancestors and the existence of disabled people of color.

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  • Lillian J Steele says:

    I am a retired educator and also the adult child of an Indigenous woman and an Africa-American dad. My mom always upheld her standards by respecting her heritage and culture. Upon seeing this information for the first time, it continues to allow me to feel pride in both of my folks who are deceased now. And I also have a new hero in this most honorable gentleman. We have always been warriors. This is Turtle Island and people need to continue to respect this. LJ Steele,MA

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