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Age 28, Waller County, TX.

Sandra, originally from Naperville, Illinois, was a civil rights activist and musician who had epilepsy and depression. In 2015, she was excited to move back to Texas to work for her alma mater Prairie View A&M where she has previously been an animal science major and a member of the marching band. On July 13, 2015, Sandra died in her jail cell where she had been held for three days, after she had been arrested during a pretextual traffic stop.

Powerful black arm raised defiantly into the air, the hand curled into a fist, rising into the middle on the graphic. Designed into the arm, almost like a tattoo, is an infinity/unity symbol and the words “Black Disabled Lives Matter”.

art by @jtknoxroxs

These descriptions were compiled by the NAMD Advocates. We also extend a special thanks to The Harriet Tubman Collective for compiling some of the names.

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