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Age 15, Calumet City, IL.

Stephon was an autistic young man who loved fixing computers and watching youtube videos. On the morning of February 1, 2012, he was objecting to going to school, in an escalating disagreement with his father. The social workers who had instructed them to call the police. By the time the officers arrived on February 1st, Stephon was calm and sitting in his family’s basement. In the basement of his family’s home, with his father standing in the room, Stephon was shot and killed by the officers his family had called to help them.

Powerful black arm raised defiantly into the air, the hand curled into a fist, rising into the middle on the graphic. Designed into the arm, almost like a tattoo, is an infinity/unity symbol and the words “Black Disabled Lives Matter”.

art by @jtknoxroxs

These descriptions were compiled by the NAMD Advocates. We also extend a special thanks to The Harriet Tubman Collective for compiling some of the names.

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