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Photo of Keri wearing gray striped pants, a black cut off shirt, and a mustard coat. She is leaning against a pole with a red and blue brick wall in the background.

Organizing takes a radical execution of self love and love for others. 

If you take a close look, that mark you see on my belly is not my belly button. It’s actually a scar from a feeding tube I had as a kid (due to cancer) that I often cover up. 

I made a lot of decisions growing up around how much to share and how much to hide. Although those are very personal thoughts, I found it was affecting my work and the depth of my purpose. 

How can I say I love Black people, but I’m ashamed of our scars? How can I advocate for the inclusion of our leadership, but I’m not willing to discuss the accommodations we may need? 

Our careers are intertwined with the audacity of our advocacy. We have to constantly practice a life of speaking up for meaningful causes and for ourselves. Melanin + Curves + Scars

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