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Come meet like-minded individuals and exchange ideas on issues at the forefront of accessibility, culture, and social impact.

Our Presence is Our Power is a virtual leadership summit led by NAMD Advocates and made for disabled leaders of color and BIPOC allies who are committed to justice, inclusion, and transformative practices across the workplace. This year's summit will feature dynamic speakers and interactive sessions focusing on the past, present, and future of racial and disability justice. We will explore what it means to be sick in a Black body and share knowledge about economic momentum, prosperity, and the future of BIPOC innovation.

Leaders across the country will unite to share their knowledge and empower our community to thrive. This year's summit is a significant opportunity to celebrate solidarity and learn how we can work together to achieve justice for all. Attendees will leave the summit with a renewed sense of purpose and the tools they need to make lasting changes in their communities.

Our Presence is Our Power is an event you won't want to miss!

A collage of 5 images of people of color with disabilities. One image is the Black Disabled Lives Matter logo.

Feautured Speakers

Tiffany D. Loftin

Catarina Rivera

Jen White Johnson

The NAMD Advocates are holding a spot for you!

We are changemakers, activists, educators and troublemakers, brought together by our commitment to create space for those who are routinely underserved. Here, you are never overlooked. The NAMD Advocates operate under three defining pillars:

Community Building

We thrive together. The foundation of our network is built on the bonds within our community.

Collective support and knowledge-sharing

We’re creating an ecosystem where knowledge is dispersed from the inside out. Together we will contribute to our collective growth, prospering from shared support.

Defiant Celebration

We celebrate our unity with unabashed confidence. We ground ourselves in an upbeat, positive atmosphere bringing our full selves to all situations.

We’ve created this space to empower professionals with skills and understanding on how to incorporate disability justice in your industry ($129 value).

Attendee Benefits Include:

– Discussion and education on disability and race with leaders of color.

– Opportunity to connect with likeminded leaders and managers.

– Skill-building workshops and sessions.

– Q&A sessions with leaders and experts.

– Early access to forthcoming e-learning material

– Early notice of future NAMD Advocates events

The NAMD Advocates are creating a movement of authentic, collective power towards racial and disability justice.

Our community members and allies share in this vision, so you can be prepared to be greeted by an environment of positivity, energy and authenticity. This year, we’re bringing together leaders of color across several industries to help you grow your advocacy and equip you with the skills to lead your teams with confidence.

Come meet like-minded individuals and exchange ideas on issues at the forefront of accessibility, culture, and social impact!

Join us in December, for Our Presence is Our Power!

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We’re so grateful to have sponsors who support our work! They help us to put on events like this and to reach more people with our message. We’re excited to be able to share what we do with more people and to make a difference in the world. Thank you, sponsors!

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